The Nicknames

How many nicknames did the late, great Apollo Creed have?


The Master of Disaster, The King of Sting, The Dancing Destroyer, The Prince of Punch, the Count of Monte Fisto, The Pope of the Ropes, and maybe some more.

Nicknames are apart of boxing. The Greatest, Iron Mike, Real Deal, Sugar Ray, Marvelous, the Executioner, Money, Pac-man, Hands of Stone, The Hit-man, the Golden Boy, Smokin’Joe, and Sweat Pea, are just some of the names that all boxing fans should know.

Now names that come from the boxers are usually ok if they fit such as Sugar Ray Leonard or Sugga Shane Mosley or names such as Pac-man which plays on Manny’s name are cool too.

In the long run though, if somebody makes up a nickname that they want people to call them, that is just pretentious. Sure, The Greatest, fits for Muhammad Ali because he backed it up, but the Louisville Lip fit him pretty good too. Money for Floyd Mayweather just doesn’t work for us. Money isn’t a good nickname, it’s what the old guy in the hood calls everybody, ‘Sup Money?”

So here at the BoxingGlobe, we are old school and we understand that the best names come from sportswriters. Wordplay is our ring, and we will use our nicknaming ability at will.

Now of course this can go both ways, especially when you have nicknames for boxers that they might not like such as Andre “Allergic to the Ring” Ward or Adrien “The Weight Problem” Broner. Now of course we don’t want to usually attack the guys we are covering on a daily basis, but it happens. Also Adrien doesn’t really have an issue with his weight but can we find an excuse for why Ward has avoided the ring for so long?

So if you are a regular reading here at the Globe, thank you, and enjoy our attempt at having fun. If you are new to here, well we have added a key below that is updated when we get a chance, and hopefully more often than seeing Andre “Never” Ward.

Remember that all nicknames can and will be used at our digression…

Floyd Mayweather

BoxingGlobe Name: Pretty Boy Floyd

Real Boxing Nickname: Money

Potential Changes: Floyd “The Careful” Mayweather,

Sugar Ray Leonard

BoxingGlobe Name: the Sugarman

Real Boxing Nickname: Sugar Ray

Potential Changes:

Amir Khan

BoxingGlobe Nickname: Amir Khan’t

Real Boxing Nickname:

Potential Changes: Amir “Samba dancing” Khan, Amir ‘Light Switch’ Khan

Eddie Chambers

BoxingGlobe Nickname: Eddie ‘Torture’ Chamber

Real Nickname: Fast Eddie Chambers

Potential Changes:

Chris Algieri

BoxingGlobe Nickname: The Chef

Real Nickname: The Fighting Collegian

Potential Changes: Dr. A, Doctor A, Aquaman, Concrete Chris, the Chef, Captain Crash,

Anthony Barnes

BoxingGlobe Nickname: Anthony “Golden Arms” Barnes

Real Nickname:

Potential Changes: Blue Eye’d Bomber, Blue Eyes, Pretty Tony,

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